Verb: move forward, especially after reaching a certain point.

How do you determine if your relationship is on the right track of progression? I know that every situation is different, but it would really ease my mind if there was a set of rules to follow; a check list would be ideal. 
So you find yourself in a relationship with someone, but how do you know if you are succeeding? How do you ever really know if the other person is interpreting things as you are. It is all a little (too) scary to consider. Especially when you realize that maybe you weren't experiencing the same connection in the beginning. Does that mean he is three (or four) months behind your feelings?

The worst sensation is that you care more about the person then they do of you; that you want it more. That you are willing to work harder for it. At the same time, it seems as though a relationship rarely ceases to be even. Someone always has the upper hand; that is the person who cares less at the given moment. Unfortunately for me, the one who cares more is usually the one who expects more, who can't find satisfaction. How do I achieve happiness in between what I want and what he is providing me with? Truthfully, other than a few knots in the rope, he is giving and proving so much and more. When I take a moment to stop and truly think about him, my heart explodes into fireworks and I just want to hug him so hard. Most men would have run far away from me by now; a  Cancer zodiac, a writer, a reader, a dreamer all rolled into one.

Yet I still wonder, can I trust he feels the same; that he wants the same...
It is safe to say I fail at risk taking into the unknown.

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