Adjective: agitated, impatient, or restless.

The essence of my feelings as of lately. I've been aching for the days to go by faster yet I complain that time goes by too quick. I crave spontaneity although I'm addicted to everyday routine. House Hunters International is the excitement I get in a day. I need a surprise.
I'm surrounded by plans of weddings and babies; and I'm just here. Or so it seems. I'm not bitter, just bored. Isn't there a saying, you're not bored you're boring? I guess I could be boring? Through all of this, you'll never believe what bothers me the most...my deceased sex life. Isn't it sad to be wasting your days without it? Maybe that is exactly my problem. Lack of love. Did you know that in order for personal growth one should receive ten hugs per day? My endorphins need releasing.
Conclusion: I need a man to occupy my feelings... ;)

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