Noun: someone who obtains pleasure from receiving punishment.

If there is one lesson to learn as I've grown up a few inches, is this: if your closest surrounding people do not like the person you are dating, there are probably sufficient grounds for disapproval. If I could go back and tell my (younger) self one thing, it would be that. I'll tell myself now as well.
Someone who is blind makes up for their deficiency with the other senses. A person in love is blinded, yet, rather than have a heightened intelligence elsewhere, they actually lose something; usually their common sense. The ones who support you, the family and friends, are your lost sense. They see things you make excuses for.
The amount of smart females I see (me included) chasing guys who will never love them like they want is absurd. When did we become so dumb? Didn't our mother's raise us better? I know mine did. Let's not forget the number of men who have succumbed to an overly protective girlfriend/wife who no longer "allows" him to hang out with his friend of forever; whip it real good.

You know you have a problem when it is so evident just through the words on your blog that your friend who lives in Paris tells you he sounds like a waste of time and you can do better. Yet you're still dreaming of the one you can never have...


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