TV series: Girls is an American television series that began airing on HBO on April 15, 2012. Created by and starring Lena Dunham, Girls is a comedy-drama that follows a close group of twenty-somethings as they chart their lives in New York City.

I have not reviewed GIRLS in weeks as I was determined to focus my writing on other topics. I'm afraid I haven't exactly found success; instead I managed to put a halt on my blogging altogether. Life has been in overdrive lately, mostly being work related. Weekdays that are overly busy they leave your brain feeling like mashed potatoes. The effect of this cause is afterhours devoted to nothing but pure relaxation. Lots of bubble baths accompanied by cups of tea (that may be spiked with alcohol) and bed time's being at ten PM. I also blame this never ending winter weather. Summer where art thou?

In this week's episode of GIRLS, Jessa taught me that sometimes you just need to dance around uncontrollably to feel better.

Should I be worried that I'm currently relating to a recovering drug addict?

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