Adjective: having or showing very great skill or proficiency.

I recently took up painting. I've always been an avid lover of the arts. I studied creative arts in Cegep and later fashion design. I've taken a wide variety of art classes through school. The problem is time. Whenever I have free time I devote it to something else; usually something less productive. So even though I enjoy drawing and painting, I haven't practiced in years. My life was lacking pure enjoyment for no reason; therefore I began taking painting classes.
I've been in my current painting class for five weeks. Every Saturday afternoon from three PM until six PM I am solely focused on my painting. My painting and of course my painting instructor. He is not attractive in a conventional way; rather he is somewhat awkward in that artsy way. He rarely makes eye contact, wears horrible shoes and I'm sure his hair style hasn’t changed since the eighties. On a positive note his body seems to be in great shape under his baggy and unfashionable clothing.
On the first day of class, when he compared a too dark pencil line to marriage being something you can't get out of, is when I fell in lust. The initial three hours we sat while he taught and demonstrated on the beginning steps of producing a portrait painting. I was immediately attracted to his talent. It truly blows my mind. Not only is he an exceptional artist, he's an amazing teacher. He has studied all over the world with some of best artists. In the last five weeks I've learned more than I ever did in school. The progress on my painting is a direct proof. Am I the only one who finds talent and knowledge such a turn on?
He speaks about wanting to run away to live on a beach somewhere where life isn't so expensive. He would just enjoy life, painting and drawing people, as the fee of a live model wouldn't be as extreme as it is here. Um, hello?! Take me with you and you can use me all you want. That sounds like perfection to me considering I already daydream of him painting my portrait.
I'm sure he thinks I am younger than I actually am (as most people do). He's asked me what I do in life; if I go to school. Usually I will admit to people that I am probably older than they think. With him, I haven't. I'm not sure how old he is either. It's always hard to tell with a man as they can age so gracefully. He doesn't particularly look old, but he must be in his late thirties at least. There is no ring on his finger.
With only three weeks left of his class I feel like I am reading the best book and I don't want it to end. He keeps mentioning another school he teaches at which has a class starting in January. Perhaps I'll ask him for more information so I can keep the affair alive for awhile longer. It will surely make the winter months a little more bearable.
Only I would turn a painting class into a sexual fantasy.
drawing by Unknown / found on Tumblr.

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