Exclamation: a cry of joy or satisfaction when one finds or discovers something.

I know, two posts in one day? Bear with me as I’ve been home ill all day. I’m the person who wishes the weekend were longer but who would actually be bored if it was.
As I was watching Kanye’s new music video for Bound 2 (which I find romantic in a dirty mind kind of way; which is probably yet another reason why I’m single), I realized why my date must have been scared off. It has to be because I admitted to watching Jersey Shore (and liking it). I’m not ashamed, Snookie makes me laugh.
Also, I watched the movie “Frances Ha” today and immediately needed to share this because I completely connected with it (ignore the Spanish subtitles, unless you're Spanish; I fail at technology and couldn't manage to find any other video of this particular clip):

Which might explain why I am single now. Ha, ha.


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