Web definitions: A young one: a young, a child.

I am well aware that passing judgment on someone solely because of their age is extremely unfair. I KNOW THIS. I’ve said it before. Yet, I can’t help myself. I really do my best and repeat a mantra in my head that age is just a number. I’m sure there are plenty of younger people who are exceedingly more mature than me. I am positive that many younger men and woman are more successful than I, further advanced in their lives, and obviously not still living in their parent’s basement.
I think I may have a desire for older men. Not too old; I’m definitely not kinky like that. But ideally I would like to date someone five years older than I. Again, that would be the best case scenario. But given my track record, I’m not sure I should have such limited specifications. 

These days I can’t help but wonder if karma has attacked me for all the times I blew off a guy just because of his age. All I seem to be attracting is the youngins.

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