Noun: The attitude or practice of accepting a situation as it is and being prepared to deal with it accordingly.

“I like your tattoo”.
When I realized that I was the recipient of this comment I immediately stopped in confusion to figure out which tattoo could be visible to the male walking behind me. I think I even asked: which one? When he answered, the one on your back, I semi panicked at the thought of my tramp stamp showing in public. Granted it was later than three AM and not many people were around, however this is definitely not the tattoo you want to be displaying at that time of the night (morning?) walking down the street.
The young man and his friend accompanied me and my friend back to our car trying very hard to pick us up. He told me it was his birthday; I wished him a happy birthday. He asked for a hug, I declined. He asked for a kiss, I questioned his logic. The entire time I kept thinking, is this really happening? Do guys really think they can pick up a girl on the street at three AM? I mean, does that process ever actually end in success? I’d really be curious to know. Perhaps I need to open my mind and be more accepting of random three AM encounters?

Note to self: never wear those jeans with that sheer blouse again.

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