Noun: The development of events outside a person’s control, regarded as determined by a supernatural power.

Oh mon dieu!! I apologize for not paying attention to my blog this week. It would make complete sense for me to announce that I have met someone thus causing my absence. Sadly, this is not the case. Rather, I blame the change of season from winter to summer in less than twenty-four hours. My snow white skin was in desperate need of sun; hence my devotion to sitting outside every chance I had this week
I’ve also been mourning my life these past few days; more importantly the lack of excitement and adventure in my life as of lately. This has obviously been triggered by the fact that my soul sister is gallivanting around the land of the French visiting her Parisian boyfriend while my best friend is exploring Thailand and playing with tigers. And I’m just here, working on my tan and reading books I’ve already read.
Lately I seem to have this nagging fear of being left behind while everyone else moves on with their lives; partnered with their husbands and wives. Already I am practically the only single person being excluded from “couple” events. I’ve noticed a drastic increase in the time it takes to receive an email/text response from my friends who are no longer single. I know I must sound like the extremely bitter single friend, which, I admit, is pretty pathetic on my part. But believe me when I say it is merely a defense mechanism.
Then I think, maybe I’m destined to be single forever? Maybe this is the way my book was written. Maybe I’m suppose to move to  a new country and be the cool girl who left Canada to live her life of adventure because if I stay here I will forever be pitied because I’m that single girl who never met her match...

Oh dear, this rant has become a little bipolar. I think the sun must be getting to me.

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