Noun: the man means of mass communication regarded collectively. 

It has been almost three months since I last ranted about social media; the timing seems good to discuss the issue again. The problem I am debating lately is, how much of your relationship should be incorporated into your social media life? At this moment, my percentage is low. It is safe  say that we have yet to disclose our situation online.

We aren't even Facebook friends; which is fine with me yet not okay at the same time. I don't think we need to be linked on Facebook. With my mind already on overdrive most of the time, it would probably just add fuel to the fire. At the same time I wonder, is it weird that we are not connected on one of the biggest social media sites of this day? If there is nothing to hide (which there very well shouldn't be), then what is the big deal? Then again, what is the need when I talk to him every day and see him numerous times a week? I really cannot make up my mind... I think what bothers me is the fact that he has not tried to make it happen in the past (almost) six months. A simple friend request in my notifications would have made me happy.
My biggest dilemma is that there is no photo of us together; anywhere. I find myself envious of all the couples who post the cutest photos on Instagram; drinks with my babe, brunch with the best man ever, Sunday strolls in the snowy park. Okay, so it can be annoying when it gets to be too often. But I can't deny that I wish he would post something to the online world. In part, I want to ensure that our relationship is known to people; as it should be.
I am smart enough to know that what matters most is real life, not online. Therefore, I am unsure as to why this is so important to me; I assume because it is such an integral part of our everyday lives now. He can take the time to post a photo of something else, so why not me/us?

I don't care if I sound childish. It matters to me.


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