Noun: a moment of sudden realization, enlightenment, or inspiration.

Recent observations have me recognizing the pressure put on the male sex today. Expectations while single, more often than not, have the man making all the first moves. Approach her, buy her a drink, ask for her number, message her within a reasonable time period, ask her out on a date, pay the bill, text her you had a good time, etc.. When in reality, females are all about equality and being strong, independent and blah blah blah; yet we still require you to hold the door open for us? Contradictive, I know.

The expectations do not magically disintegrate once you become a duo. Again, let us analyse the vast difference in the male and female minds which happen to cause so many problems. The majority of women are genetically engineered to complain and nag, while most men, though easily satisfied,  do not articulate their feelings with ease. The reality is, men are more laid-back then women. If they are with you, you should be confident that they want to please you. So if you have a complaint, they will try and correct it. The problem is, often he will think he is succeeding with his efforts, yet she is still not pleased. Women fail when it comes to measurements. If things progress by ten percent in two weeks, all she sees is the problem still being there.
Females are a tough crowd. We have this crazy ideal that the man should do all the work. What I am realizing is that a relationship is a combined effort. I cannot criticize without initiating a change as well; we need to work together. It is not reasonable to constantly point out what he is not doing without taking into consideration the progression.
So ladies, appreciate your man a little more. Be aware of all the things he does do. Focus on the development of your relationship together and stop putting so much pressure on him as an individual.
I would like to thank the man in my life for helping me become conscious of my mistakes. You truly are amazing.
How's that for PDA?

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