Adj: lasting forever or for a very long time. 
Do you think it is possible to be as happy with so much admiration in your eyes as when you are in the presence of your favourite musician/band. We can't deny that music sets the heart on fire. 

This thought comes after being at The Black Keys concert this past week. I more often than not find myself people watching in every public situation I am in; it was clear that the crowd was seriously in love. For those few hours nothing else mattered and not one person seemed concerned about anything other than the music. Some look awkward, swaying off beat, but every so often you fall upon a person so in sync with the melody, in their own euphoric bubble, and you can't help the goose bumps from forming on your arms and smile. Everyone has one common denominator: that look in their eyes. 

There were three teenagers sitting in front of us. Two boys and a girl who's dancing reminded me of Edie Sedgwick, she was smooth and fluid and will one day break hearts with those moves. It was evident there was some nervousness between her and the boy next door with the cute smile and braces; a high school crush maybe. They sang and danced together throughout the entire show, but no body contact was made; they were not an official item. Yet, there was something so obvious...that sparkle in his eyes when he turned to look at her. At that moment I decided that this is the gaze I want to have when I look at the one I love (and vice-versa).

I can't help but worry, can and will this look between two people last forever? 


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