Adjective: susceptible to physical or emotional attack or harm.
That moment when you realize you've gone from being interested in someone, to genuinely liking them; more than friends. Last weekend while out for drinks with a girlfriend I found myself more than bored as some guy attempted to chat me up. When he finally asked if I was single, I said no. For once in my life, it wasn't entirely a ploy to get the uninteresting male to walk away. I was being genuine as I am truly liking the mystery man who has been around for almost two months now.

This is also the time when I become conscious that I am totally defenseless to the situation at hand. Habitually at this point I would run away, before I can get hurt. The thought has crossed my mind numerous times as I over think the odds. Then every time I see him he reassures me without even knowing it. I'd be a fool to leave. Besides, his kisses are worth every risk.

But, what happens to lesingleblog if the writer becomes not so single anymore?

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