The number equivalent to the product of three and ten; ten less than forty.
Once upon a time...
Truthfully, it was it last July, precisely one year ago. After celebrating yet another birthday single, I made an agreement with myself. If in three hundred and sixty-five days I was still alone when turning the big three O, I would run away for a year. Apparently I thought I could turn my life into Eat Prey Love.
Sunday, July twentieth, is my birthday and I am officially saying au revoir to my twenties. I honestly imagined this commemoration to be more discouraging. Especially considering I am nowhere close to where I thought I'd be when turning this age. The public school curriculum really needs to incorporate teaching young people not to grow up with so many time limiting expectations. My assumptions always had me married (potentially with a baby?!) by thirty. In retrospect, I am quite satisfied with that not being my current reality.
I like to think that everything happens for a reason and fate is true. Besides, it makes it easier to accept that I am turning thirty and still residing in my parents basement; it definitely would be the perfect time to escape. However, although I am (still) officially single, there is someone who has reminded me what it's like to feel those butterflies in your stomach sensation again. For once, I'd rather stick around to see what happens rather than run away...

To anyone else turning thirty, read the below and be sure to party like you're turning twenty-one; after all, thirty is the new twenty.

If you’re single, don’t compare your life to the people around you getting married and having kids. They’re not as happy as you think. If you’re a parent, be present more than anything else. If you’re divorced, embrace it. This is your rebirth. Walk with certainty. Be kind to your parents. Stop dreaming and start living them. You’ve earned what you know and no one can take that away. Know that. Tighten your strainer. Work on your relationships. Draw boundaries with Sharpie instead of chalk. Fight for something. Create. Write a book. Get out of your head and house. Lean toward your fears. Do everything for the stretch. Date better. Cook. Play loud. Fuck like you mean it. Be mindful. Drink water. Turn your dial to give. Love your body. Seek nectar. Punch the sky not a clock. Live in color. Resist nothing.

My only real concern right now is surviving my weekend getaway festivities.

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