Adjective: too unusual, extreme, or indefinite to be adequately described.  
It has recently been discovered that I dislike the words boyfriend and girlfriend. Truthfully, I am afraid of labels. This goes back to my negative complex regarding relationships. In all fairness, branding a situation is only really needed for the comfort of others. If me and you (hypothetically speaking) know that we only want to be with each other; we are committed to the relationship so why should I need to insist on calling you my boyfriend?
Technically you are, but labeling complicates things. I don't want to feel pressure. I don't want to fall into a boring routine of every Tuesday we go to the movies and every Friday we go for dinner. I don't want the butterflies in my stomach feeling to go away. I want our time together to be spontaneous and fun; forever. I want to be adamant about calling each other friends and then blush when we are questioned about holding hands. I want to always catch you staring at me and then kiss you until I involuntarily stop because I am smiling too much...

Call me a dreamer, but I will forever be a hopeless romantic.

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