Origin French. Noun: fear, dread, fright.

What would life be like if fear was invisible? I often find myself in the middle of a situation questioning why I was scared in the first place. Technically I am not entirely at fault; fear is an emotion provoked by intimidation. The consequence is a shift in brain and body function which ultimately leads to a change in behaviour. Therefore I'd like to conclude that fear is an uncontrollable sentiment; I've always believed that humans cannot control their feelings (yet we try so hard to). So the real question is, why am I threatened by dating, relationships and love?
As discussed yesterday with a (newly engaged) good friend, we've all experienced that one horrible break up. The one where you felt like life was ending and there was no way you could move on. The one that broke your heart into a million little pieces and it seemed like forever before they were band aid together again. Of course this occurrence would cause one to cage their heart up, shielding it from ever coming close to that vulnerability again. BUT, we do not control our feelings, therefore we all go through heartache again. Numerous times even. I like to say that I don't make the same mistake twice; I make it three, four, even five times over again. Every time surviving.

So why am I still protecting my heart with so much force?

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