Adjective: another word for crazy. An abbreviation that you can use to describe a crazy person.
After meeting a guy in Toronto last month, my best (single) friend spend the last few weeks texting, calling and face timing with this certain male. They seemed to hit it off and she was clearly excited when he finally came to visit last weekend. Let's just say things went sour fairly fast and ended with him profusely apologizing and texting her Sunday morning at seven AM letting her know he was leaving Montreal. As we discussed the unfolding of the events over sun and wine that afternoon, we were inspired to compile the top ten signs that scream CRAY.

#1 - If he lies to you about any pertinent detail within the first meeting (e.g. age, name, career). **Side Note: telling a white lie about being busy when someone asks you out does not count; some people cannot commit to dates right away.**

#2 - If he has a parole officer. (This should really be #1 on the list, except he probably would have lied to you first before he admitted to the parole officer.)

#3 - He's a manipulator. If he tricks you into believing that he only lied to you because he thought you would walk away if you knew his real age or if he convinces you that he's changed and he really is a good boy now even though he has a parole officer...you probably need to stop being so naive. BUT he's definitely a pro cray.

#4 - If he knows you hate smoking and he smokes in front of you telling you the wind is blowing the other direction. This also makes him an asshole.

#5 - If he's driving with a suspended licence. He obviously needs the parole officer.

#6 - If you get into a disagreement in a public setting and he grabs you by the arm when you try to walk away. 

#7 - If you manage to walk away and then he guilt trips you into coming back. This usually contains lots of 'I'm sorry' and 'You're too good for me' and 'I made a mistake, please don't leave'.

#8 - If he plays extra nice to your friends. Remember that the ones around you see what you don't. The cray knows this and therefore tries to win over your friends.

#9 - If he continuously messages you even though you aren't replying. You should probably contact his parole officer and get a restraining order asap.

#10 - If he turns revengeful after not getting his way. Hopefully you got that restraining order.

Our conclusion? We're too old to be chasing bad boys.


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