Las Vegas, /lɑːs ˈvɡəs/ officially the City of Las Vegas and often known as simply Vegas, is the most populous city in the U.S. state of Nevada and the county seat of Clark County.[5] Las Vegas is an internationally renowned major resort city known primarily for gambling, shopping, fine dining, and nightlife and is the leading financial and cultural center for Southern Nevada. The city bills itself as The Entertainment Capital of the World, and is famous for its consolidated casinohotels and associated entertainment.

If you have never been to Vegas you will probably not understand how I returned from the city of sin almost one week ago, yet I am still recuperating. There really is no possible way to explain a Vegas vacation in its entirety and although I was (probably) not as wild as I anticipated, it was an absolute amazing experience. There was not an ounce of disappointment in any detail of the trip, from the hotel (The Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino), to the restaurants (my favourite being The Barrymore) and the long (hung-over) trek through the desert for my lasting tattoo souvenir (at Downtown Tattoo); except perhaps the lack of sleep and stamina. The motto for our five days: POWER THROUGH IT.
When Vegas is defined as the Disneyland for adults, it is no lie. I imagine the look on my face the first time seeing the strip rather resembled that of a child's initial glimpse of the Magic Castle. Every part of your body is being over stimulated as there is so much action in every direction it is sometimes overwhelming. Just the mere recollection has me excited and stumbling over my words.

I expected to go to Vegas and party 24/7. In retrospect that was an absurd thought for four days and five nights. We managed to get out to two nightclubs (Light and Hakkasan) and one day party (Daylight Beach Club, a Sunday perfected by DJ Franzen with R&B and Hip Hop only, no fist pumping allowed). In addition, we got to visit the Grand Canyon before any real debauchery was able to happen; we even got upgraded to second row status at the Beatles Love Cirque de Soleil show. Thus concluding that the vacation wasn't all play and we made our mother's proud by experiencing things other than hangovers and more alcohol.

I imagine the saying, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, originated not only because of the worst behaviour one may indulge in while visiting, but because half of the time we cannot remember what happened in Vegas. The days felt as though we lived a full twenty-four hours; did we sleep? The hours are a blur and the injuries on my feet are evidence that they were lived to the fullest. The one thing I can't ever forget is the one who I proposed to while walking through our hotel casino at three AM to our room; drunk off double vodka soda's and way too many butterflies in my stomach...


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