Adjective: (of a person or action) showing a lack of experience, wisdom, or judgement.

Dear men of the world,
Do you legitimately believe you get a free pass because "it's Vegas"? I understand that it (Vegas) doesn't feel like real life, but it is. I could possibly try to understand had the encounter been a onetime thing, no phone numbers exchanged. But when you program my digits into your phone and text me your name so I have yours, you definitely just crossed the "it's Vegas" excuse line. Especially when you continue to text me throughout the next three days (in Vegas). Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining per say, just doing my best to comprehend the male mind; a problem solving skill I will never succeed at.
I decided to put the man to the test. I was always taught not to make assumptions; therefore it would be unjust to presume that he definitely had a girlfriend. I also needed to determine if it would be necessary to schedule a bikini wax before my Toronto weekend getaway. So one week later I brought what happened in Vegas to real life and put his phone number to the test in Canadian time. Clearly a happily in love boyfriend would not respond, right? Well, I received a reply. I even was given clear directions including time and day of when I should "holler" if I wanted to (no, I am not lying). The convo was short and sweet, he was working (bartender; how many signs are going to point to no?).
Since I love a good chase and was still not one hundred percent convinced he was off limits, I took advantage of this past Friday's girl's night (and three bottles of wine). I bluntly asked him if he was a married man; explaining that his eyelashes had been haunting my dreams and that if I was dreaming of a married man I would need to go to confession. He clearly stated he was not married and that I didn't need to confess. After telling him to prove it and that I would be in Toronto the following weekend he replied something resembling' I never said I was single...' but to come by his bar anyways. I said I knew it. He said it wasn't what I thought. I said that's what they all say.

Dear women of the world,

Do you really not know your man is a cheater?


Why do I always crave the bad boys?


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