Noun: a person, especially a child, who cries readily for very little reason. A person who complains too much.

When did men become so sensitive? You write a few words about someone and they take it so personal. Is it really that offending? The intention is not to hurt somebody's feelings; there really is no purpose other than I'm single and I like to write.
My main concern is what a small, small world Montreal is. I would bet money (and I hardly know how to gamble) that it is near impossible to meet someone in this city who isn't somehow connected to you. They will always be someone's brother's ex-girlfriend's cousin in law; or something.
Having spent the past weekend in Toronto truly made me realize what a condense place it is we live in here (MTL). Toronto seems to be full of oh so yummy guys who  know how to play with eye contact and keep a girl on edge; they also seem to pick the perfectly appropriate moment to pounce. I'm so bored of Montreal and slowly losing hope.
I can't help but wonder if I'm risking staying single forever by staying in this city.

Especially if  the men continue to get insulted by my blog...

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