Noun: the time or a period of time following the moment of speaking or writing; time regarded as still to come.

In the past years, I have stopped envisioning myself having a traditional wedding. Probably because I've attended too many weddings to appreciate the customs any longer. Although, to a certain extent it's because I believe that the meaning gets lost in the wedding. A marriage is between two individuals and shouldn't require any fancy adornments. Which brings me to my new found dream of eloping; I've always been smitten with the idea of getting hitched in Vegas. I imagine it is the most fun a wedding can get with minimal (if any) planning needed; completed with a bottle of champagne to toast with afterwards; glasses not necessary. Don't be insulted if you are family or friend, but I wouldn't even send out initiations. In less than forty-eight hours I will be in Vegas for the first time in my life. I will be accompanied by three of my best friends (seventeen years and counting) and we will be celebrating our turning thirty this year. What I had hoped for was to possibly be married (or engaged...ok at least in a long-term relationship) by the time I turned thirty. Fortunately, I am still three months away from that date.

Therefore, I have already forewarned my mother that I may come back married. I realized that I have (unintentionally) packed two white dresses. If I happen to meet a dashing man who (drunkenly) proposes to me, I may end up saying yes. Coincidently I will be surrounded by three of my longest friendships to give me their approval. I just hope we are all sober enough to make the right choice or else I may get married and divorced before I turn thirty.



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