Adjective: made in exact imitation of something valuable or important with the intention to deceive or defraud.

It is April 2014 and girls everywhere are actively posing √† la duck face; I doubt this tragedy will ever vanish. What really makes my heart cringe are those ladies who have moved on from this fad because they have invested in lip injections; leaving their mouths more or less in a constant duck face position. WHY?
Faux lips are increasingly becoming popular with ordinary women. Ordinary implies NOT a real housewife. Furthermore, the females undergoing this apparently easy procedure are gradually becoming younger. Montreal is not a huge city. I cannot be the only individual who has come across a photo of someone they once knew who now has a bigger (phony) pout. Again, WHY?
Dear women with the fake lips. Do you genuinely believe that your abnormally puffy mouth is attractive? Moreover, do you think others believe your lips are real? I am not against plastic surgery. I do, however, oppose extreme measures which leave you looking absurd. Regardless, I surely hope that your new lips give you the confidence you obviously lacked with your natural face. I will not blame you (entirely); let's allow society to take some responsibility.

I hope karma doesn't kick me for this one.

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