Noun: a situation involving exposure to danger.

I dreamt that I had an affair with an old boss. I'm unsure what this means exactly; I won't attempt to decipher the meaning either. At least I won't admit what I believe the implication is. Instead I was reminded of a topic that arouse awhile back amongst some of my friends: which is worse, emotional or sexual cheating?
I suppose the majority of women would say sexual and I would assume it is because it involves a physical connection. For whatever reason, females are threatened by touch and often over exaggerate meaningless gestures to an entire other proportion. I am not approving sexual cheating. However, I do agree that (sometimes) sex can mean absolutely nothing. Have you ever had a one night stand and never spoken to that person again? I admit that I have. In certain situations, sex can be just sex.
On the other hand, an emotional connection can occur even without a bodily relationship. It overtakes your mind and involves feelings. You may be keeping your clothes on, but your heart is completely naked. Words can illustrate more than any substantial action.
Regardless of which relation is worse, both signify that there are issues in the relationship. This forces me to appreciate just how hard it is to keep the bond between two people strong. Not only must you (evidently) remain sexually pleased with one another but you need to maintain that cerebral connection that was once so prominent. In other words, you cannot let boredom interfere in any aspects of the relationship; at all.

I have anxiety just thinking about it.


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