Noun: A rule or directive made and maintained by an authority.

Do dating rules still exist? If so, can someone please send me a tutorial as I am completely clueless.

In hindsight I should really be blogging about GIRLS because every season finale deserves a conclusion post. That being said, I am presently trying to fight a cold from fully emerging and therefore do not have the mindset needed to devote towards GIRLS. But know that it is coming.

Speaking from experience (my own and the females that surround my life), women seem to put too much pressure on males when it comes to dating. In all fairness, it is not entirely our fault. It is as though we were born with the deficiency that comes in the form of over analysing everything. I believe that the majority of males realize this female imperfection and should therefore play as little games as needed. When it comes to serious issues that is, all additional flirtatious games are welcome.

So does that wait three days before calling rule still exist? When Monday's lunch hour came around and I had still not heard from my Friday night prospect I took matters into my own hands. His response was positive and we've texted casually since; but there has yet to be an official indication that he wants a second date. This really annoys me. Either ask me out again or stop messaging me. I have no time for mixed signals. On the other hand, I completely understand that this man leads a busy life and I'm not asking to be in contact all day long or even every day. I'm busy too and as previously mentioned I'm currently fighting off viruses, which takes a lot of time and energy. ALL I WANT IS A SECOND DATE. I am even willing to settle for a reference towards a second date. Side note: I always want what I can't have.

In reality, I am not even sure I would want to pursue a serious relationship with this man. In that case, I guess I should stop playing the game? There's just something about him that intrigues me, making me want to see him with this clothes off...
Is it time to assume he doesn't feel the same or am I being too impatient?

Have I mentioned that I hate dating?

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