Adjective: not faithful, in particular.

I would like to know where and when the connotation began that all men cheat. Let me first announce that I do not, nor have I ever, believed this presumption to be true. I empathize with any female who has been cheated upon, yet I don’t think it is justifiable to in turn think that all men are evil. You can’t consider someone malicious simply based on the fact that they have a penis or the fact that you’ve been hurt in the past, or better yet because of stories you’ve heard. Furthermore, people cheat because they are unhappy in one or more aspects of their relationship; a relationship consists of two people. I am in no way condoning cheating; I believe it is cowardly and selfish. I just don’t hold fault solely based on the sex of an individual. Despite being hurt, rejected, and single for years I still trust that there are good men in the world. Perhaps even in this small city of Montreal. Don’t worry guys, I got your back. The truth of the matter is that women like to hold men responsible for their own miseries and insecurities because it’s easier that way.

If I have hurt or insulted any females during the writing of this post, I (kinda) apologize.

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