Adjective: not anticipated; unforeseen.

Five days until Valentine’s Day. Another year single.  As I explained (here), the holiday doesn’t depress me; quite the opposite, I think it’s wonderful. Naturally I wish I had a bearded man to celebrate with, however I’m not crying over my lack of a relationship. This time of year always finds me wondering where I inherited my hopeless romanticism from. The ideas I envision in my head are much too far from reality. Surprises mean the most to me and I can only trust that is what my Valentine’s will one day be filled with. If you are feeling loving and/or generous, please feel free to humour any of my V Day idealisms:
·         Leave a sweet note on my car window in the morning to start my day
·         Order my favourite perfume from Paris (ici)
·         Spoil me with sexy lingerie (shades of nudes, blushes and black)
·         Deliver something exotic to my office (no roses). I like cactuses.
I’d also welcome dark chocolate covered strawberries partnered with a bottle of champagne, a night spent on a comfortable couch watching romance films and some good sex.

Tis’ but a dream.

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