Adjective: delaying or delayed beyond the right or expected time; late.

Not within ten minutes of my conversation with my colleague, discussing who amongst our team might receive Valentine’s flowers, did my phone ring. It was the receptionist notifying me that they had something for me. For me? Yes, she confirmed. In complete shock, with butterflies in my stomach, I took the elevator down the four floors to the reception area at work. On the front desk lay a grand bouquet of palm leaves, birds of paradise and other exotic flowers. I blushed as my mind roared in search of who the sender could be; clearly a reader of this blog.

“Penny Lane is in my heart & on my mind. Your secret admirer.”

I’ve since discovered the identity of the undisclosed sender; though I’d rather you comprise your own imaginative stories than disclose you with the truth. I will, however, let you know that I remain (very) single.


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