Noun: the way a thing turns out; a consequence.

New Years Eve. Is it just me, or is New Years Eve like a reoccurring prom every year? A large amount of planning, which usually results in a disappointing outcome.This year my celebration was happily enjoyable. One thing I couldn't help but notice though was the lack of Happy New Year text messages at midnight (or as near to midnight as your phone provider allows). I fear this is a bad sign.
I’m just as to blame as I didn’t send out many midnight messages either; one to my mother and one to that guy who I recently ran away from at the mall. I can’t decide why him. I had wished him a Merry Christmas the week before on Christmas Eve. He responded the next morning. He then messaged me three days later telling me he was leaving for Israel for two weeks. I confessed that I had seen him but we couldn’t continue the conversation as he was actually about to take off. My friend said most people message the person they love before taking off in a plane...
So I messaged him Happy New Year. He replied around three-ish AM as we were arriving back to our hotel. I was surprised he responded. I was also very drunk and dangerously misspelled that I was mad at him. I explained, as best as I could in my intoxicated state, that it was not fair to tell someone that you shouldn’t speak anymore and then continue to message them. He apologized. And then he called me. From Israel. We spoke for not even five minutes and yet I can’t remember what was said. Now I’m not sure what to do about this boy. Surely this must mean something?
I still have yet to experience my midnight kiss. But I do have the best friends in the world which produced at least three friendly kisses after the countdown. This year I decided against resolutions. I didn’t complete any from the year before. My puzzle is still lying under my sofa with only the border assembled; in my parent’s basement, where I still live. My Nonna knit my scarf and my needles are still in the package. I still don’t know how to change a tire; I never even attempted to learn. I may have not achieved any of those things I intended to do, but I accomplished many others which were not on the list. Which makes me pretty damn excited for this new year.

I also learn a huge lesson this New Years Eve: Jameson shots cause me to puke. Thankfully it was the last drink of the night and I managed to last until four AM.
Six and a half months away from turning thirty and I still fail at drinking??!


  1. You are wise beyond your words and I think you should write a book or books!!You have such a way with words that leaves one to NOT be able to NOT read the rest or more!!

    1. Thank you Lori! I appreciate your comment a lot! I've always wanted to write a book...perhaps one day ;)