Noun: the aim or purpose.

Don’t ever confess your love to someone while you’re in a relationship with somebody else. It won’t ever be fair; to anyone.  Don’t ever assume the feelings aren’t reciprocated just because they do not say it back. Love is a strong and scary word. But don’t ever continue to make up stories for someone of happily ever afters if you cannot fulfill them. Don’t ever take advantage of someone with your hopes and dreams. Everyone has feelings and even though they may not include the word love, they will still be hurt. Don’t ever continue to chase someone if you won’t have them when they say yes. Don’t ever get insulted if someone writes about you. I can only hope to find stories written about me one day; I would be flattered. They say if you still talk about someone it is because you still care. Imagine what it means when you take the time to write about someone?

I fear I have tainted the start of my new year.

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