Noun: all of the people born and living at about the same time, regarded collectively.

Throughout my early/mid twenties I was nowhere near wanting men in their early thirties. I probably even thought them to be old. Proof of an immature mentality? Possibly. I was too absorbed in myself and my social life to really care. I hardly wanted to settle down and never actually believed in relationships to begin with. I always wondered why people wasted their time in an arrangement that was just going to end; because at that age, marriage wasn’t even a concern. You could say I was a party girl who enjoyed the attention of the opposite sex, making sure to leave the situation before I could get ever hurt. Issues anyone?
Nowadays the majority of (single) men in their early/mid thirties seem to mostly be interested in the younger girls. The younger female's feelings are mutual. The result is single woman of my age with little options. I’ve come up with a theory. The remaining older men finally recognize that it is time to (somewhat) settle down. They imagine that a younger woman will still allow some time to get truly serious. An older female is more confident and knows what she wants; she’d want too much too soon. She wouldn’t put up with any bullshit, furthermore she would actually be more of a challenge; too smart to succumb to the game. The younger girl falls for the older guy because she wants security. He’s paper perfect. She’s naive and blinded by the allure of an older man.

My main issue with this situation is that the numbers show I should be taking into consideration men nearing the age of forty...

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