Noun: a list of desired things or occurrences.

I’m anxiously waiting the occasion when I get to share the holidays with a significant other. There is no denying that singlehood proves to be more difficult during this time of year. Gifts are no longer a surprise as your parents would rather buy you something you need/want; this makes Christmas morning not so special. Tis’ the season where everyone wants to get together; I’m not sure if I’m becoming a Grinch, but I don’t comprehend why I need to rejoice during the entire month of December. In addition, I have to attend all these events alone. Family parties beat them all. Riding as a backseat passenger in your parents car because really what’s the point of taking two when you would be solo? This also allows for overindulgence in the alcohol department which is quite necessary when you are possibly the oldest single member of the family. Being close to thirty, yet single, makes me feel like I still belong at the kiddie table. Moreover, there will always be at least one person who mentions the fact that you are still single. This is where the (more the merrier) alcohol will become useful; pour yourself another drink and smile.
While all of the above is actually not as awful as I make it out to be (I love my family and friends so dearly, even at Christmas), the one component of these tra la la la la festivities that have ever truly affected me is New Years Eve. I have never experienced a midnight’s kiss and for some (hopeless romantic) reason it is all I have ever wanted at this time of year. It is the one moment in life when no one can deny that being single sucks. There is no positive to being single when the clock strikes twelve on December thirty-first...

Nope, nothing.

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