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I would like to apologize to any person who found themselves trapped in traffic this AM alongside me. I am sure that not everybody would deem it enjoyable to be listening to Beyoncé (at maximum volume) so early in the morning.  I would propose that everyone try it though; it creates a brilliant start to a day.
Excuse my tardiness. I am aware that the majority of the world has been discussing Beyoncé for days now. I confess that I was late in purchasing the oh so hot visual album. I have not yet listened or watched it in its entirety yet and I am already convinced that she is beyond descriptive words. Move over Drake, I have a new obsession.
To some extent I am at a loss for words. Not only is Beyoncé fifty percent of the epitome of true love (common you can’t deny that she and Jay-Z equal perfection), she is the embodiment of sex appeal. Who’s dreaming of a Victoria's Secret body while Beyoncé exists? I’m tempted to move into the gym in attempts to become anything close.
As I continue to befriend her fourteen songs and seventeen videos (in which I then will be back to honour her further), the following proves enough (read on Tumblr):
- Beyoncé drops an album with no fucking warning and no promotions
- Laughing in the face of Lady Gaga’s Art Pop expenses
- On the night Lorde drops a “secret single”
- On Taylor Swift’s birthday
- When Lupe Fiasco had planned to drop his album
- Thereby fucking up everyone’s end of the year lists especially Rolling Stones magazine
- On Friday the 13th because fuck your Illuminati bullshit

In closing, all I want is to be drunk in love...

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