Description: Tinder is the way everyone is meeting new people. We find out who likes you nearby and connect you with them if you’re also interested.
1) Tinder shows you someone nearby it thinks you should know, and lets you anonymously like or pass on them...
2) If someone you like happens to you like you back, then Tinder makes and introduction & lets you chat within the app.

If you have yet to hear of Tinder, you probably either live in a box or you are in a relationship (and live in a box with your significant other). I first read about Tinder back in March, obviously through ManRepeller. I didn’t think much of it, as I’m not one to be attracted to online meetings. As time progressed the Tinder app became more and more popular. As of lately it is all the rage in Montreal and everyone who’s not married seems to have a Tinder account.
In an effort to mend my bruised heart (as per my last post), my best friend rescued me for some afternoon beverages and sun. As I retold my pathetic story, she told me about all her matches on tinder. She had only just downloaded it a few days earlier and insisted I get it. I declined, saying it wasn’t for me. But because sometimes your friends know best, I agreed to test drive the app for one week as a distraction.
Fast forward six days and its Saturday girl’s night out. The topic of conversation turns to tinder as almost all the girls present are on it. Meanwhile a male from the table next to us continues to pretty much stare at me. He looks familiar but I cannot figure out from where and I conclude that I don't know him. I go use the washroom; the stranger’s in the washroom are talking about Tinder. I can’t help but feel uneasy, what if some of these people saw me on Tinder? What if they liked my photo and I rejected theirs? So of course I start creeping myself out.
On to the next location where my best friend was actually meeting a guy she matched with on Tinder. A good idea if you don’t want to meet someone one on one. Yet by this time we are all slightly intoxicated, as it is girl’s night out. The Tinder guy shows up. He is approximately an entire head shorter than my friend. His photos on Tinder did not indicate this. I think she ran away from him.
I receive a message on Tinder at two thirty AM. One of the two males I actually chose to start conversations with on the app asks me if I was at a certain place that evening. I was. He was the male from the table next to us who kept staring. He looked familiar for a reason, however he was not as his photos made him out to be. He too was much shorter than what I expected.

I deleted Tinder the next day.
Montreal, you are way too small for such an app. Being single is still not that bad.

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