Adho Mukha Svanasana.

Web definitions: Adho mukha śvānāsana, adho mukha shvanasana, downward-facing dog Pose, downward dog, or down dog is an asana.

It had been four weeks since I last saw hot yoga guy. Three weeks ago I raced through dreadful traffic after work making it to class ten minutes late only to realize he wasn’t even there. The week after that was Thanksgiving and there was no class. Last week I went to the Drake concert, if you don’t know my infatuation with Drake please see here and here. Last Monday Drake made my day; today hot yoga guy made my day.
The class tonight was pretty full; I presume the colder temperature is bringing people back to connect with their Zen. Normally I place myself in the bottom right hand corner of the class and hot yoga guy is diagonally across from me in the top left corner. This evening someone was in his place so he chose to position himself RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME. Okay, in all fairness he didn’t have much choice. But still, our matt’s were pretty much a foot apart.
So naturally I took the hour to inspect the piece of perfection in front of me, right in front of me. My attraction to this man throws me off a little as he is dirty blonde and I usually prefer dark features. It must be his sculpted body; he’s like Michelangelo’s David. Even the bottom of his feet are impressive, I didn’t see any rough skin or calluses.
I tried my best to keep my mind on yoga as I wanted to be sure to impress him with my (not so great) skills. Especially since in many of the poses he was actually staring at me instead of the other way around. In certain stances I couldn’t help but feel self conscious wondering what my ass looks like in that pose, from that view.  At one point he almost touched my foot!! 

Monday, you’re beginning to become a favourite of mine.
Now if only hot yoga guy would notice me too...


  1. Typical meggo. Smile, ask him his name. Tell him yours. Maybe you'd be making his day. You're not an easy to approach person, you've admitted this. When is the last time you did something for the first time? See what I did there?