Man Repeller.

See here for definition.

I am a loyal follower of Man Repeller. If you are not, you should become one. Now.

I conjured up the idea of perhaps I too am a man repeller (in my own way) a few weeks ago while searching for a pair of shoes to wear to a wedding. I had just purchased a new dress; online it is described as a “frilly dress”. After choosing a pair of Italian designed t-strap patent pumps, I unveiled my match up to the girls at work. I really thought the shoes and dress coordinated well together, it was a little bit of a Great Gatsby look. Unfortunately I didn’t receive the support I was looking for.

“You can’t wear those shoes with that dress. It’s so not sexy.”

It took me all of five seconds to declare: but I’m not sexy.

And it was an epiphany; I don’t dress to impress men. I have a distinct style that can be identified by women, but I fear it is not attractive to the opposite sex.  

In short, I think I may lack sex appeal.

dress from Zara

Shoes from Le Ch√Ęteau

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