Noun: Sexual desire.

I found it ironic that in the past two weeks I’ve had numerous (girl) friends comment on the fact that they seem to have a higher sex drive than their boyfriends. I won’t lie, I was a little appalled to hear this. I vaguely remembered something about sex ed class concerning the sexual peak of men versus woman, and so I began my research. I came across endless debates about the topic and very few facts.
So although testosterone levels reach their high point around age eighteen for males, a woman’s estrogen (and fertility for that matter) only hit that same mark during late twenties early thirties.What makes teenage boys and woman of my age so horny is in fact caused by these high hormone levels; our bodies simply respond quicker to stimulation.
I never actually suspected this would cause real life issues. I assumed that men stayed sex obsessed forever. However, after the third friend confirmed the same conclusion, that she wants sex more than her boyfriend, I realized that (regrettably) my theory was somewhat flawed. Once upon a time someone in a (very) long term relationship stated that three times a week was satisfying; saying that quality was better then quantity.  I was confused. If you are amongst your best match (as one should be when living together) shouldn’t sex always be of good quality? Also, isn’t everything about sex a positive? It lowers stress, boosts immunity, burns calories, reduces pain, allows for a better sleep session and overall makes you a happier person.

 In addition to all these thoughts and concerns on this topic, I’ve realized that I’m probably wasting my sexual apex on being single and celibate.

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