1. A food, drink, or drug that stimulates sexual desire.
2. A thing that causes excitement.

Friday night was reserved for a girl’s date at LaChampagnerie. Being late for our reservations (a horrible habit of mine), we were placed at a table in the back of the room. This wasn’t a night for socializing with strangers, so it was no bother to us. However, we were seated next to a couple clearly on a date...

It was hard to say if it was a first date as neither party seemed overly awkward or nervous. Being someone who rarely (pretty much never) goes on dates, I often find myself in awe when witnessing a date in action. For some reason I just want to stare and watch the process unfold. The female companion looked rather smitten with the entire experience yet it was probably because her date was making the night out to be quite the ordeal. First off, he ordered a bottle of champagne. I didn’t catch which bottle it was, but when the couple arose and followed the sommelier to the front of the establishment we knew that he was going to saber the bottle; a traditional technique which is offered when you purchase a bottle of champagne. Show off move number one? The bubbly was followed by a decent amount of oysters and the next thing you know they are in a full blown make out session over the table. Although shocked, I didn’t pass any judgements; Champagne has and probably always will make me do crazy things as well. The intense show of PDA was interrupted by chocolate covered strawberries. Talk about working hard for what you want. I only make that comment because soon after we overheard the male ask “Do you want to come to my place after this?” They then moved to a standing position near a more upbeat section, away from the tables, and continued to bump and grind while making out. A few more minutes and they disappeared.  

I must say, after clearly inspecting the entire rendezvous, I wouldn’t mind engaging in some high class courting in return for some good sex; apart from the fact that the entire situation may be a little too Pretty Woman-ish. Though, in the end, he does get the girl.

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