Exclamation: A French word for “shit”.

That moment when you wake up Sunday morning with a slight (or major depending on the night before) headache, dry mouth and extreme thirst, as if you just woke up from a desert nap. You stumble for your phone to determine if you’ve slept long enough to survive the day and as your eyes adjust to the text message replies from those so called males you swore you would never drunk text again, you immediately vow to give up alcohol.
The torrential downside to being drunk and single is exactly that. You’re drunk and single. The result is often a feeling of extreme hate towards your cell phone for allowing last night’s messages to go through, mixed with a hangover. The hate is escalated when the recipient never responded the night before (while all your inhibitions were lost) leaving you now with a post drunk message situation to deal with. The hate sky rockets when you realize you have multiple incidents to repair. My initial reaction is to smother my face with my pillow willing reality away; however I’ve concluded that ignoring the situation and pretending like it never occurred works quite well.

So that will be the end of this discussion.
You know it's bad when it begins and ends with...

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