Adjective: Having the qualities of surrealism; bizarre. 

I have a sneaking suspicion that my mother may be reading my blog.

Mom, if you are reading my blog, please stop :)

That being said, my mother has voiced her interest in wanting to set me up; seems shady no? Side note: if you have not read all posts please pause to go read the one entitled GIRLS, dated 3/15/13. A colleague of hers has a single cousin who I should meet. All I know about him is his occupation (architect) and his name (which is probably too Italian for my liking). Oh, she also assures me she has seen a photo of him and “he is very cute”. 

My reaction? No No No No NO. 

Perhaps had this proposal been suggested a few weeks ago I would have considered. However, taking into account that Adam ended up sprinting to Hannah’s apartment (shirtless and with passion may I add) to rescue her during her OCD moment of weakness, ending  season two of GIRLS with her in his arms sealing the last second with a perfect kiss, I am pretty sure he and the mother-daughter set up isn’t going to work out. Therefore I should probably forego the entire situation and just stick with the guy I have.

Oh wait, I currently have no guy.


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