Noun: The practice or science of collecting and analyzing numerical date in large quantities.

My blog has hit its fiftieth post! I spoke for a long time about starting this <single> blog, but I was all talk and no play. It was exactly three months ago yesterday on January tenth that I wrote my first blog entry. Thankfully January was a boring (and cold) month which was cause for motivation. I never had any expectations when I began these rants of mine, I am well aware that the era of blogging has come and gone. My initial incentive was to please myself. The older we get the more we let go of the things we enjoy and replace them with repetitive routines. In the past ten years I’ve given up many hobbies I once had, including writing. I write because I love it; if along the way I can make a few people laugh, then all the better.

Over the past ninety-one days I’ve had over two thousand views on my blog. Although I’m sure half of them are my loyal friends, I‘ve had readers from all over the world including Germany, Russia and Brazil! As cheesy as it sounds, I want to thank you all for reading; you have made my hobby an accomplishment. 

Cheers to fifty and a much needed girl’s weekend getaway. Perhaps Toronto will have more promising men ; I can assure you Montreal is clearly lacking in that department.


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