New Age.

Noun: A broad movement characterized by alternate approaches to the traditional Western culture, with an interest in spirituality, mysticism... “The New Age movement”.

When I had embarked on my online dating (research) adventure I mentally told myself that I would give it thirty days. I tend to push things away extra fast if they prove to be of little or no interest to me, but if I test myself to do something, I will finish the challenge. What a challenge it was...
It is safe to conclude that online dating is not for me. I deleted my profile on the thirtieth day faster than a couple announcing their engagement. Perhaps one day if I’m old and grey and STILL single (knock on wood so I don’t jinx myself) I will find myself once again on an online dating site. However for the moment my hopeless romantic heart overrules shopping online for men.
I’m a big believer of eye contact, and holding a stare is completely impossible online. Basically you are judging someone on their looks, and in my case, their zodiac sign and the level of interest of that first message. In thirty days I received seventy-four messages; all from different guys. Oh wait, one message was from a female who confirmed she was heterosexual but that I seemed fun and she was looking for new friends. How does one seem fun through an online profile?
I estimate that I answered seven percent of the messages and only one proved exciting enough to keep the conversation going. So much so that I decided if I was to take full advantage of my online dating experience I had to comply with his suggestion to meet for a drink. This was no easy task, but it was time to face my fear of going on a date; the reminiscing of the date will have to be a separate post in its entirety. One does not commit to a blind date to later recount it in a mere paragraph. Let me just say that I felt the meeting (or date if you insist) went well. On the other hand, I have yet to be asked on a date number two. 

In addition to not being impressed by the online world of dating, it would seem that I also fail at it.

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