Marissa A. Ross

“Marissa is a writer, actor, music connoisseur and renowned leisure enthusiast.”

It was just this last week that I was introduced to Marissa A. Ross (not literally, I haven’t actually met her obviously); it didn’t take me long to fall in lust. It is always refreshing to discover a real female discussing relatable issues in such a brutally honest way.  Her slight obsession with the sixties is an added bonus. That being said, you must watch episode four of her web series “Tangents & The Times”. Be sure to pay special attention to when she speaks about not being “impressed”; that particular rant sparked interesting conversations this past weekend which will undoubtedly become a lecture of my own shortly. 

You can find the previous episodes and more Marissa on her website.
The best part about her? She drinks wine like water and has her own wine reviews. Why didn't I think of that?!


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