Verb: Suggest or indicate something indirectly or covertly.

Recently I’ve realized that many males do not know when to give up. I’m not sure if the ongoing persistence is a direct response to the reality that we as females are very complicated creatures (yes I admit that we are and I sympathize with all males for having to deal with us) or if some men are simply oblivious and/or dumb.

Dear men, let me give you a piece of advice: either read or watch “He’s Just Not That Into You” and amend the He to a She. It works both ways, in every way. If she wants to contact you, she will. I mean, she may over think the entire situation and it will most probably take her longer than it should; but in the end she will be in touch. Also, if she doesn’t respond to you, get a clue. Chances are she’s just not that into you. Whatever you do, do not continue to message her without receiving a reply.  Let’s compare this to baseball; three strikes you’re out, right? If you don’t hear from her after three attempts, stop trying.

That (single) friend from previous posts unfortunately finds herself dealing with these types of males more often than not. In the defence of man, she is pretty irresistible and so I’m not sure if I would surrender after three tries either. Let’s observe one of her facebook conversations (please note that the spelling/grammar errors are copied):

6 Feb 12:30 PM
HIM: Lol, whered u go?
HER: im at work
HIM: Oh lol!! Oops sorry!!
HIM: Whered do u work
HIM: I always think im talking to ppl at home on there computers!!

8 Feb 2:17 PM
HIM: Howdie!!

10 Feb 12:35 PM
HIM: Hey!!

HIM: So where do you work?

11 Feb 8:22 PM
HIM: Lol,so where fdo u work? Hi

13 Feb 10:32 AM
HIM: Lol, how goes?

15 Feb 12:13 PM
HIM: What a small world!! *laughing emoticon*

17 Feb 11:23 PM
HIM: I guess not then!? *laughing emoticon*

6:14 PM
HIM: U there?

19 Feb 12:56 PM
HIM: Lol, r u always at work? Or are u just ignoring me? LoL

22 Feb 8:11 PM
HIM: So I guess thats a no on us ever chilling?

9:38 PM
HIM: ??

HIM: Lol, normally when someone is trying to have a conversation with someone there is at least some type of resppnse??

HIM: Or u can just sAy fuck off, at least id get the picture and id stop wasting my time...Lol

25 Feb 9:57 AM
HIM: M to L!! Lol

HIM: K well, i was just trying to be friends, and chat but i guess u don’t want that so..

If the above can’t deter you from your relentless ways, then you are probably destined to be forever alone because that shit CRAY.

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