The action or process of correcting something.
A change that rectifies an error or inaccuracy.

I’d like to believe that I admit to my mistakes; although I am sure some would argue this is not always the case. Twenty-four hours later, I’ve become conscious of the fact that I may have published a piece of false advertisement. Unfortunately a woman will not always contact a man if/when she wants to. Along with being complicated, we are also fragile creatures. When it comes to certain males we may feel intimidated and/or vulnerable which will result in devoting hours upon hours of over thinking and analysing the situation; usually with our closest girl friends. In the end, we just may not contact you in order to save ourselves the cost of potentially being turned down.

Dear men, this is when you need to take a hint in the opposite direction. I recognize that your job as the man is not an easy task, but please be observant. If you have been friends with her for numerous years; if she answers every one of your text messages, even if you text her at three AM and her response comes only the next morning because she was asleep; if she smiles constantly in your presence and gives you those bedroom eyes that only a girl who has a crush on a boy gives, then please realize that she has an interest in you. 

My advice is to make a move. But like a real move; a move you’ve never made with her before. Because sometimes as a woman, we just lack the confidence needed to initiate that first move. Give it a try; maybe you’ll hit a home run.

Haha. That last line was so cheesy; I blame it on the ah ah ah ah ah ah ah alcohol.

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