Verb: Affect with a bad or undesirable quality: “his administration was tainted by scandal” 

I find a kiss to be more intimate than sex.
Does that make me weird? Kisses are passion embodied. You don’t kiss someone unless you care for them, or crave them. A kiss is something special. Sex is something that can be special but so often is treated as routine. Anyone can have sex. But not everyone can kiss. It infuses in it some kind of magic, the transferring of souls, the bond of love and passion. A kiss is worth more than a blowjob. A kiss is the gateway, an introduction to the most intimate. Without a kiss the intimate becomes the tawdry. Without a kiss it is nothing but skin and saliva and desperate moaning. Without a kiss there can be no true pleasure, the soul can’t be satisfied without a kiss. Your body is happy but your soul is sick. An agoraphobic by accident. No brush of the lips to say hello, no passionate fire igniting within it’s heart. Here we are again at the center of the thing and we can’t even figure out which way is up. Without a kiss, sex is sepia tone. With a kiss, sex is technicolor. It hurts the screen when it moves from side to side. Without a kiss you are Kansas. With a kiss you are Dorothy in a twister, yellow. Bright.
A kiss is more intimate than sex. Hands down.

Agreed. For this reason, I may have forgotten how to kiss. It's been that long. But, it's like riding a bike, right?

Post Script: I read the above writing quite some time ago, saved it and cannot seem to find the source now. I did not write this, although I agree with it one hundred and ten percent...

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