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It’s a Friday night home alone. Woe is me. Actually, tonight the perks of still living at home prevailed; the mother ordered take out from my favourite sushi place and we shared a bottle of wine. I evidently was craving chocolate after (given the time of month), and my step dad came to the rescue with an Aero bar he had hid in the cupboard last week. Triple score for me. I then proceeded to spend half an hour reading a magazine while in a bubble bath, put on a face mask and enjoyed a cup of tea. How adventurous am I on a Friday night?!
Well, here I am now. You will be shocked to know what I have just done. It happened just a few moments ago, in truth it was probably at least thirty minutes ago now because I am so indecisive and it took me that long to just choose a username. This decision was inspired (provoked?) by a conversation in my office today with my officemate and another colleague. My officemate just celebrated her twenty-fifth birthday yesterday. Although I would probably shave my head to be twenty-five again, she seems to be going through a tiny quarter life crisis. It’s normal. Our colleague made a comment about how if officemate is still single by thirty then she can start worrying. WELL WAIT A MINUTE!!!! I must have given the dirtiest, yet sad, look.
“Oh, don’t worry, you still have two years!”
It’s actually seventeen months. So less than two years. They then brought up dating websites.
“Will you ever sign up to a dating website?”
Once upon a time, probably almost ten years ago (ew how old am I?!), I was on a site called LivingHot.com, but no. I don’t really believe in dating websites. You’re basically shopping for a date, and everything is based upon physical appearance. Not to mention that would mean I would then have to go on dates?! HIVES.  She then continued to tell me about her recently single thirty year old friend who signed up to a site and has met her soul mate. I don’t deny that it’s possible. It’s actually probably very possible. It’s just not me.
Maybe it was the half bottle of wine. Or the conversation my mother was having with me during the half bottle of wine about me finding a boyfriend. It could just be pure boredom and/or curiosity. So here it is... I signed up to a dating website. For research purposes?  I’m unsure how to even do this. Am I required to fill in all this information? Because it really is a lot of information they want to know. You would think writing would be easy for me. But what does one write under a title “What I’m doing with my life”? I’m not one hundred percent sure what I’m doing with my life. Please stay tuned for more information, hopefully shortly; in the next few years maybe.
I have received my first message. That didn’t take long. I’m semi scared to open it...
Hi, how are you ? I hope you are enjoying the winter! Let me know if you would like to go for coffee, or something ? Dan  

Geez Dan, moving a little fast don’t you think?

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