Verb: Survey goods for sale in a leisurely and casual way.

It has almost been forty-eight hours since I have embarked on my online dating escapade. I have yet to be impressed.  I am however shocked at how you can basically shop for men online. No joke. Enter what you are looking for, from height to astrological sign, even search for certain keywords and voila you are introduced to your matches. A little intense and lacking fun if you ask me.
Here is what I’ve concluded thus far:
- There are way too many aspiring musicians/artists in this city
- Men need to learn how to initiate conversation better
Since Friday night, I have had one hundred and thirty-two visits to my profile and twelve messages. None of which have come close to receiving a reply. Am I being an online dating snob? Is there some sort of etiquette I should be aware of? I just don’t comprehend how I am expected to respond to something that is so dull. I have mostly found myself rolling my eyes, wincing in pain at how ridiculous this is or literally sighing out loud. I’ve come across perhaps three or four people whom have sparked my interest, but not enough to actually take the time to write to them. And it is not solely based upon their looks; you’d be surprised at how lame and uninteresting an online profile can be.
I have yet to complete my profile, I wonder if men actually read the entire thing? As well, I strategically used an average photo. After all, this is for research purpose. Now let’s see what happens when I use my oh so photogenic photos, you know the ones where you look so good you wonder if it’s really you. I’m all about playing the games.
Because games are a must when my interest is fading at an increasingly rapid speed; I believe I am failing at the online dating thing...

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