Tuesday Thoughts.

Noun: An idea or mental picture, imagined and contemplated.

I tumbled across a remarkable blog yesterday: http://www.theangrytherapist.com/.
I enjoy readings which make you pause and think, and so here are some Tuesday thoughts to consider:
Don’t worry about where or who you’re going to be in five years. Like high school, you will look back and wish you had done so many things differently. Know that and do them differently now. Focus on what’s in front on you. Work on the relationship you have with yourself first. Slow down. Enjoy today. It’s okay to not know. Eat alone in restaurants. Stop trying to prove something. Seek growth instead of validation. Be heard. Have non- negotiables. Go somewhere. Pull from your Solid Self as much as you can. Process (get therapy). Don’t compartmentalize people. Love fearlessly, even if you’ve been crushed before. Eat clean. Toss your scale. Pull yourself out of the victim role. Exercise your forgiveness muscle (you will need this). Don’t be concerned with what others think of you. Accept your story. Don’t chase paper. Seek truth. Be patient. Get off your computer. Know somebody.
- Angry
If you’re single, don’t compare your life to the people around you getting married and having kids. They’re not as happy as you think. If you’re a parent, be present more than anything else. If you’re divorced, embrace it. This is your rebirth. Walk with certainty.  Be kind to your parents. Stop dreaming and start living them.  You’ve earned what you know and no one can take that away. Know that. Tighten your strainer. Work on your relationships. Draw boundaries with Sharpie instead of chalk. Fight for something. Create. Write a book. Get out of your head and house. Lean toward your fears. Do everything for the stretch. Date better. Cook. Play loud. Fuck like you mean it. Be mindful. Drink water. Turn your dial to give. Love your body. Seek nectar. Punch the sky not a clock. Live in color. Resist nothing.
- Angry

Please note, my first instinct was to share the Twenties portion. However, considering I am currently closer to thirty than I am to twenty, I decided to include the Thirties section as well. I often fail to remember (purposely) that thirty is just around the corner...

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