Noun: A yearning desire.

This week has felt very unusual. I’ve felt an immense craving for affection. Sometimes you can be surrounded with the best friends and family yet all you want is something more. Although I rarely wallow over being single, I occasionally experience my moments of weakness.  Sometimes all you want is someone to simply watch TV with you at night who will let you intertwine your cold feet with theirs, someone who will laugh at your corny jokes and eat peanut butter by the spoonful with you. And every now and then you just want someone to sleep beside you. This is a big dilemma when you are single. Usually I will try to make the pug cuddle with me, but he puts up quite a struggle and I usually walk away defeated telling him he is a selfish dog.

 I will chalk it up to a mid month crisis (which generally happens every 28 days or so) and the fact that it is February.

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