Noun: Ill effects caused by drinking an excess of alcohol.

It is pretty much a given that if you are celebrating two of your best friends birthdays on the same night that some sort of hangover will be included.
You know your getting old when it is Monday and you are still enduring some of the ill effects of the Saturday night celebration. It was one of those experiences where you wake up in the morning and vow to never drink again. I am in no way over exaggerating when I say I spent my entire Sunday in and out of consciousness on my couch. I can only hope that if I had a boyfriend he would have come over to sooth me, however the plus of still living at home is you have Momma to make you toast and bring you water (thanks Mom <3)
Hopefully sometime tonight I can type out the Saturday night escapade, because it does involve meeting a male. No guarantee though because somehow I am still finding it hard to focus...

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